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Trebuchet is a simple application launcher.

These are the requirements for this project:
1. Very easy to setup. Out of the box it should be smart enough to run most of the applications on your system without any input.
2. Configurable to run any application with any arguments.
3. Use very little memory.
4. Hide when it's not needed but quickly appear when you need it using a hot key.

More about Trebuchet can be found on my blog:

Current TODO List::

1. DONE - Save shortcuts...
2. DONE - Form for creating shortcuts
3. DONE - Use environment variable for getting all users start menu
4. Help screen
5. DONE Add special commands to drop down list
6. Context menu for system tray
7. Hide upon focus lost.
8. Just single click for system tray instead of double.
9. Make icon more clear
10. DONE - Add auto-complete for browsing the file system.

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